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The Truth About Paint Protection Film

To fully appreciate the strength of the protective varnish film, it is important to study its history. Like most advancements today, PPF is designed to solve problems. During the Vietnam War, the US Department of Defense experienced problems with the propellers of some of their helicopters, which were damaged by splinters, trees, and other debris.

The 3M protecting film was tasked with creating a protective coating that was light but very strong. The solution is chopper tape or a special urethane film designed for function, not style.

3m protective film

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PPF today is far from 3M's helicopter bars. It is a thermoplastic urethane that is transparent, tinted, and even textured for a gloss or matte finish. These are transparent paint protection films that can be purchased in various grades and strengths and are precisely applied by highly qualified professionals.

What is the type of protective film for paint?

There are many car paints on the market today. But a protective varnish film is perhaps the best and most effective solution. 3M Corporation is the godfather of PPF.

As described above, its main use is to apply paint to protect the lightning-spinning blades of the helicopter rotor from damage. Today, car enthusiasts are offered more than a dozen types, brands, and designs.

You may have heard of some of the best brands, including our own Kavaca film, 3M Paint Protection Film Pro, Suntek, Llumar, and Xpel.