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Confusing Situation Surrounding Russian Visas

There is a large amount of information relating to a Russian visa. Most of these tend to be out-dated or use ambiguous words. This leaves people traveling to Russia confused about what to do once they arrive in the country.

Currently, Russian citizens need a Schengen visa to visit all EU countries which do not include English (UK). The same thing applies to the people who are in the European Union countries, including the UK. Visa must be applied in a lot of time before you travel. You can get more information on a Russian visa via

There are many options for the visa, but applying for a Russian tourist visa two weeks before your travel is usually sufficient. Business visas take a little longer, but the process is still somewhat the same.

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Business visa is separated into two sub-categories: actual visa business, for which the desire of foreigners to do business in the Russian Federation, and cultural visa, for which the desire of foreign nationals to just enjoy an extended stay of tourists in the Russian Federation. The majority of Russian visas easily obtained and are rarely refused.

Obtaining a Russian visa is not something that is too difficult. However, the problem usually starts when you first land in Russia. When applying for your visa, you must ensure that it applies when you land. This does not mean that the validity of the visa has to start from the day you land, but it should apply to when you do land, otherwise, you will be prevented from entering the country.