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How Is Paintball Becoming More Popular?

The paintball sport has grown in popularity to the point where nine million Americans have started playing it. Paintball versions of Capture the Flag and Elimination have become popular activities for a wide range of groups, including churches and sororities. You can now visit to enjoy paintball for kids if you are under 16. 

Paintballing: The Perfect Way to Keep Your Kids Busy This Easter

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Birthday parties and bachelor parties have been held at paintball venues. Paintball has been used in corporate team-building exercises. Paintball clubs and events are available for people of all ages and ability levels. Paintball may be played by children as young as ten years old, because of the sport's strong safety laws and track record.

But, doesn't getting hit by a paintball hurt? The sensation has been compared to being stung by a bee, snapped by a rubber band, or smacked with a damp towel. However, paintball fans generally agree that after the first hit, adrenaline takes over and the sensation of being hit fades into the background.

Capture the Flag is the most popular paintball game. While there are certain variants, the main goal of the game is for one team to seize the flag of the other team while defending its own. After getting hit with a paintball, players are removed from the game.