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Features Of A Mobile Car Wash High The Pressure Washer

The mobile pressure washer for car washing is different from traditional pressure washers in numerous ways. For example, they don't require the same high output pressure as conventional pressure washers.

Car cleaning is not the same as other tasks cleaning. These systems are usually employed to clean hard surfaces such as flooring, walls parking lots, floors, and roads. The most important thing for these tasks is the use of high-pressure output that blasts away the dirt on the surfaces. You can also look for the semi car wash service online at



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However, using the same technique could prove disastrous when washing vehicles. This is the reason the portable car washing pressure washer differs from other pressure washers.

A few of the characteristics of mobile car washing pressure washers are like this:

Pressure At The Output

The pressure of output from pressure washers ranges from 8000 pounds per square inch. To be used for auto detailing, high-pressure washers are not needed.

A quality auto wash machine must have an output pressure of 1500 psi or more. Pressure washers that are higher could cause damage to paint in vehicles. It is recommended to limit the pressure of the output to less than 1500 psi to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Rate of flow

A low flow rate may be beneficial. But this is not to do with the security that the car. Machines with a low flow rate can transfer less water to the ground. In the end, the cleaning process is quicker and causes lower water consumption.

Pressure washers for steam car washing provide the most efficient flow rates. Any machine that has an average flow rate of 2 GPM or less is suitable for a Steam car cleaner. This means that steam-powered car washes are not a requirement for high-pressure washers but it is advisable to use machines that have a lower flow rate.