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The Truth About An Ab Toning Belt

When you think of belly fat loss, one of the most common items that pop up is the Ab Toning Belt. These belts promise to give you six packs and a lean, defined abdominal area. The problem with this type of exercise is that many of them fail to work effectively. In fact, they may even cause damage to your body if you are not careful.

First, lets talk about what an ab belt actually is. These belts (also known as ab rollers or waist trimmers) are large, heavy belts that go around your waist. They are strapped around your waist and connected to a machine on the floor. You simply put your belly fat into one end of the belt and pull it down to your chest. This causes a slight stretch in your stomach as well as some downward pressure on your waist.

Ab belts do have one major purpose, and that is to strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles. It is true that by strengthening these muscles, you will lose belly fat. However, the belt itself should be used in conjunction with other proven exercises. For example, you should not perform this exercise by itself without doing crunches or some other form of ab exercise. Using the belt alone will most likely cause injury to your body.

Ab-belts can also cause injury if they are used incorrectly. Many people make the mistake of trying to use the belt as a substitute for a traditional ab exercise. Instead of pulling your stomach in to get the exercise, the ab belt pulls it to your chest. This is counterproductive and can cause injury to your spine. Also, if the belt is improperly worn, it may not give you the full ab workout you are looking for.

So, the bottom line is that ab belts are not a substitute for a regular ab workout. They can help you tighten up your core abdominal muscles. They can also serve to supplement traditional ab exercises. But you don't need to do crunches or sit ups while wearing an ab-belt. You should focus on doing cardiovascular exercise, as well as core exercises for the abs in order to get rid of the belly fat.

Remember that by wearing an ab belt, it will help tone your ab muscles. And you should use it in conjunction with your regular workout routine. You should also avoid using the ab belt to perform other exercises such as crunches. The belt should only be worn when it is being used for one purpose. Ab-belts provide an excellent way to tighten and tone abdominal muscles, but you should not use them to perform other exercises.

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I Read The Abs Toning Belt Review But I Have Some Questions

I have been looking and looking for a way to get firmer and stronger abs. I go to the gym and use all the abdominal machines. I perform crunches in my living room and sit ups every night but I still cannot make my abs look like I want them to. I recently read about the abs toning belts and it sounds like a great product that would give me the results I want.

After reading it though, I still have some questions. I understand that the abs toning belts work by administering a slight electrical impulse that forces your abdominal muscles to contract. The website says that you will contract about one hundred and fifty times in a half hour, and that the contractions reach much deeper than any standard exercise would.

I understand all this, but I am wondering if there are any documented side effects of this practice. It makes good sense that it would work, but I am a little worried about putting an electrical impulse into my body on a regular basis.

Is there perhaps a certain length of time that you can use this machine before it is unsafe? I see that it is approved by the FDA so that makes me feel a lot better about its safety but I still have a lingering concern about whether or not it is harmful in any way.