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What Is Post Natal Depression and Why Does It Occur?

Post Natal Depression (PND) is a depressive illness that women experience after childbirth. PND is very common in mothers who experienced stressful life during pregnancy, and those that the baby was born with complications. It occurs once in ten mothers. The known cause of this disease is that hormonal changes in the woman's body after childbirth. 

In addition, post-natal depression (PND) could be detected by the use of postnatal depression scale Edinburgh. If a mother brand more than thirteen, she should develop PND. To get to know more symptoms about post-natal depression click this link and study them all so that you can handle accordingly.

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Most women could overcome such depression within four to six months, even without treatment experts. But it must also be a consideration that one of the four mothers with PND is still depressed even when their child gets older. This could mean a lot of suffering. It can obviously spoil the experience of new motherhood. Mothers could damage her relationship with her baby as well as her husband. 

Fortunately, many scientific studies support the idea that postnatal depression can be treated using various methods. Various treatment options include but are not limited such as medical evaluation to rule out physiological problems, cognitive behavioral therapy, home visitor and healthy eating. Treatment depends on how a sick mother. 

Mothers who suffer from PND often afraid of harming or not looking for their babies properly. But in general, they definitely watch their children as a mother does. Unfortunately, some family members hurt babies sometimes. They may have a history of being harmed or abused when they were young, but that does not directly relate to postnatal depression.