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Looking For Different Types Of Handbags Online

Handbag, totes handbags, purse, clutch, whatever you call it, this is an essential female accessory that comes in a range of styles and designs. Women, and some men, carry tote handbags to accessorize their look or just to serve a functional purpose and carry their personal items that they need when they are on the go. You can also purchase the best tote bags via various online.

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Basic Designs:

Handbag designs vary from small to large. They can be simple or extravagant. Here is a list of the most common types of handbags and a short description of each:

– Clutch: A clutch is a small handbag that is rectangular in shape. It is usually an evening bag and does not have handles.

– Duffel: A duffle bag is a large bag that is designed for use in travel and sports. It is often designed with sports-type images and has different compartments on the outside for carrying different types of sports equipment.

– Tote: A tote is a large bag that is open at the top. It is often used for going to the beach, travel or sports. It is made in a simple design so that items can easily be placed inside or taken out.

– Messenger: A messenger bag is a wide bag with a long strap. It is made to carry across the body. It has a flap that covers the top opening. It can be used for many situations, but often is used in as a bag for carrying school books.

– Sling: A sling bag is very similar to a messenger bag in design and function, but it is a smaller size.