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Taxation And Self Managed Super Funds

Australia is a country with a stable tax system. The tax system that applies in a country is no different from most countries where a higher nominal value of tax revenue comes from income tax.

Below is a brief outline of the main tax and pension systems. You can also get more information about SMSF tax returns via

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Income tax in Australia is calculated using a progressive tax rate which imposes a higher tax rate on higher income. Self-managed super funds are a type of pension fund that provides pension schemes to individuals, usually managed by a small group of no more than five people.

Self-managed super funds are usually regulated by the Australian tax authorities. Self-managed super funds must have all of their members as trustees. Also, no mutual fund member can become an employee of another person participating in a mutual fund.

If the corporate trustee is part of a Mutual Fund, every other Mutual Fund member must be the director of the corporate trustee. This type of fund is becoming increasingly popular with taxpayers in Australia because these super funds offer tax protection.

Self-managed super funds give people a great deal of control and freedom in choosing the assets and investments they want to invest in, whereas other super funds don't. This type of fund is the fastest-growing segment of the Australian fixed-income category.