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The Durability Of Cork Flooring In Sydney

When choosing to floor for your household, you want something that will last and have a long life. Unfortunately, many flooring solutions are not durable or wear out quickly. However, there are hardwood flooring solutions that are ideal if durability is your main concern. This is called a cork floor and consists of cork, a natural, renewable raw material.

The resistance of a cork floor can be read from its main components. Corks can last for years without being worn or affected by humidity. The cork even returns to its normal shape when compressed and can be compressed by up to forty percent. 

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The reason why cork is so durable is because of its cell structure. The cell structure of the cork looks like a honeycomb. There is about 90% of the gas in these mountains and there are about 40 million of these bulges per cubic centimeter. This structure gives the cork exceptional durability.

Cork flooring can withstand anything your household can throw on it. From big pets to active walks to crazy kids. You can also install cork flooring in almost any room including the kitchen and bathroom. This is because cork floors are waterproof and will not absorb moisture caused by suberin a waxy substance found in nature. As you can see, this flooring solution might be perfect for your home.