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The Joys of Black Truffle Salt

Fine Black Truffles Sea Salt combines fine-grained black sea salt with rich black summer truffles for a delicious, complex seasoning with a warm, earthy taste that lends both richness and depth to your favorite food. Black summer truffles belong to the most coveted of mushrooms, with their sweet, nutty flavor combined with a soft, velvety texture. They're known for their versatility as ingredients for appetizers, salad dressings, and more.

Black truffles are among the more expensive varieties available, but they're worth the price. As truffles go, Black Truffles are some of the very best you can buy, as they maintain the rich, buttery flavor associated with the original mushroom. The rich, flavorful flavor is what sets them apart from others.

Because black truffle salt need a bit of "heel" in order to release their full flavor, black sea salt is sometimes included in a recipe with the truffles for added depth and flavor. It's not as important that the salt is included with every recipe, but it should always be part of a recipe that uses a lot of black truffles.

Black sea salt has also been used to prepare desserts. The salty flavor it imparts to dessert dishes helps enhance the taste and is a good way to preserve the freshness of the truffles.

Black truffles are among the highest-quality truffles you can buy; however, if you choose to use sea salt in your recipe, make sure that the salt used is certified kosher or that the package clearly states "Sea Salt." In general, a black truffle made with sea salt is considered superior to a black truffle made with table salt. Table salt contains sodium chloride, which degrades the truffle, while sea salt is less damaging.

Sea salt can also help to seal in the flavor of the truffle. The salt will seal in moisture and add to the texture and depth of the dish you're preparing; it also helps to preserve the quality of the truffles.

You'll also find sea salt used as a garnish in many recipes for appetizers, particularly in Asian dishes and salads. The salt will add a little extra zest to just about any dish served with truffled vegetables.

While sea salt is often used to prepare desserts, it can also be used to add a slight salty flavor to meats. Black truffle trifle makes a fantastic addition to a simple salad, or it can be incorporated into the traditional Italian cheesecake recipe. In the Middle Eastern recipe, black truffle sea salt is often used to flavor yogurt and is sprinkled on top of pita bread, creating a delicious treat that is easy to take with you on a trip to the beach.