The Overview Of Australian Business Visas

For foreign nationals, it can be difficult to travel to Australia for business purposes. This is because the Australian Immigration and Nationality Act and other Federal laws must be complied with by the officer who adjudicates visa applications. 

Some people may find that the application of relevant law can lead to an adverse finding. The following analysis will examine common reasons why an Australian business visa is denied. You can also get more information about the enterprise reform stream permit in Australia.

The AU B1 visa can be used to enter the country as a non-immigrant visa. To be granted a B-1 visa, the applicant must satisfy the Australian  Immigration and Nationality Act section 214(b). A Consular Officer must deny a visa application under section 214(b). 

This is because they believe the applicant is using the visa to do undisclosed work. This would happen if an individual applying for a visa for business purposes, was approved, and traveled to Australia indefinitely. 

A Consular Officer must review an AU business visa application to ensure that there is no immigrant intent. Here is where the "strong and weak ties" analysis comes in. Parties applying for a non-immigrant visa such as a B-1 visa need to show that they have strong ties to their country of origin or another country.