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Tips On How To Buy Prescription Glasses

Seventy-Five Percent of us need glasses! That's right, three out of four of us require vision correction to some degree. 

Some tips on how to buy prescription glasses effectively are:

1. Have An Up-To-Date Eyewear Prescription

The standard validity of a prescription is 2 years for adults and 1 year if you are younger. If your prescription has expired, visit your local ophthalmologist's shop for a new one.  When you look at your vision, the eye doctor should give you a copy of the prescription whether you want it or not.

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2. Measure the distance between your pupils

Pupillary distance (PD) is the distance between your pupils – usually measured in millimeters. The optical center of the lens gives you the most accurate view. This part of the eyeglass should be right in front of your pupil.

To get the correct lens position on your glasses, the eyeglass lab will need your PD.

3) Choose the right frame

The secret to ordering well-fitting prescription eyeglasses online is simple – know your frame size. There are three factors that influence the selection of your eyeglass frame.

A. Choose glasses that suit your face shape

B. Choose a frame that fits your personal style

C. Buy the right size

4) Buy the right frame

There are two ways to buy eyeglass frames – in person at your local optometrist or through an online shop.

Online shopping is the best for buy eyeglass lenses.