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Tips To Consider For Audio Mixing

It is important to check your mix on different speakers and not only monitor your studio. While the studio monitors may sound great that sometimes can leave a false impression of how well your mix actually sound. 

Often studio monitors provide clarity and detail to the music you listen to. Small subtle effects in the background mix you can not hear as clearly as you think in ordinary stereo headphones or on a pair of iPod's. You can also get the best 'strategic advice' (also known as 'conseil stratgique' in the French Language) for sound mixing via online sources. 

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Check your sound mix on everything you have from deluxe home theater sound system in your cheap and nasty boom box or car stereo. We often check my mixes on our mp3 player with headphones. 

Another thing that must be done when checking your mix on the monitor and other sound system you are around the house or in the car is to listen to the mix at different volume levels. 

Your ears can get tired while mixing so it is a good idea to have a break after a few hours to refresh your ears. Go and have a coffee or for a walk around the block and you will discover that you can hear things a lot more clearly rather than turning what may be an OK mix into a terrible one as your ears loose perspective.

One other little mixing trick is to listen to the mix outside the room. We often listen to mixes in the hallway outside my studio to give me a better perspective of how all the instruments and parts sit in a mix. Sometimes it can be hard to judge levels and sounds with monitors right in front of your head after a few hours.