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Treatment Of Alzheimer Disease Effectively

Unlike other brain power drugs or dementia drugs that tend to block the functioning of an enzyme that kills or damage neurotransmitters at the site of the brain where Alzheimer's disease is most likely to occur, cerebrolysin works to improve the quality and efficiency of the neurotransmitters and other brain chemicals thus making them more agile and immune to the action of neurotransmitter killing enzyme in the brain.

Apart from this, cerebrolysin has also been shown to eliminate excitoxins, one of the most prominent cause of Alzheimer's disease in older adults. You can also know more about stem cell therapy for alzheimer’s disease.

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Excitoxins are harmful chemicals or ingredients generally present in our diet especially in MSG, aspartame etc. that enter our blood stream and destroy essential neurotransmitters in the brain.

As cerebrolysin eliminate these excitoxins from the system, it helps prevent the damage from these excitocins to our neurotransmitters and thus prevent the occurrence or spread of Alzheimer's disease in the first place.

Cerebrolysin is thus one the most potent tools against brain ageing, mental decline and senile dementia. Cerebrolysin dosage depends on individual condition to be treated and requires doctor's consultation for the same.

As cerebrolysin is made from natural ingredients, the possibility of cerebrolysin side effects is very rare. Still mild and rare cerebrolysin side effects include, dizziness, headaches, nausea and stomach upset.