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What Are Solar Pool Covers All About?

In short, they are specially designed pool covers that add solar heating power so that the entire surface they cover (your pool) also has heat-absorbing properties. It then transfers this heat to the water below. You can also visit automaticpoolenclosure to purchase the best solar pool cover for your pool.

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Even without being part of the larger solar pool heating system, a solar pool cover can raise the pool temperature by a few degrees, but when used in conjunction with a solar pool heating system, it makes a striking difference – a slight increase in water temperature of 15+ degrees and it is equally important that the heat generated is maintained and not lost to the elements.

Not only does the initial temperature of the water entering the solar panels heat up at the start of each day, but the solar pool cover also prevents the inevitable cooling impact of evaporation as it almost completely prevents the evaporation process. 

If you cover your pool with a solar pool cover when not in use, the heat is maintained, the water level doesn't need to be refilled too often and heat transfer is reduced to a minimum. 

These advantages alone are enough to make a solar pool cover an indispensable part of your pool heating system.

Other benefits include keeping your pool clean and free of debris, making your pool safer for small children and unsuspecting animals when not in use, and saving money on water bills. All of these factors make a solar pool cover one of the most useful pool accessories for your pool.