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What are the Main Components of a Dishwasher?

Your commercial kitchen should be clean and tidy. It is vital to follow proper cleaning and washing procedures. Not only can dirty tableware affect the customer's perception of your establishment but it could also lead to foodborne illness. 

After each shift, flush the dish machine. This will help to remove any accumulated soil and decrease detergent consumption. Preventative maintenance and repair of commercial dishwashers are a great way to prolong the machine's life.

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Components of a Dishwasher:

Inlet Valve (Water supply valve): Water to the dishwasher.

* Common Problems: Dishwasher overflows, does not fill completely, or is filled when it is not being used. To check if your dishwasher is still filling after the water level has reached the overflow point, open the door and see if it stops filling. You may need to replace the inlet valve if your dishwasher continues to fill.

Drain Hose: Expel water.

* Common Problems: Dishwasher draining slowly The drain hose could be blocked or kinked. To prevent pinching, try removing the drain tube and clearing out any debris. Consider replacing the drain hose if it is damaged or cracked.

Circulation Pump: This pump uses a motor and an impeller to push water through the wash arms.

* Common Problems: Dishwasher noises and dishes not being cleaned properly can be a problem. If the pump isn't running, check to make sure the motor is working. The impeller could be damaged if the motor is not producing enough water pressure through its spray arms.

Wash Pump Motor: Turns the impeller of the wash pump.

* Common issues: The dishwasher may not work properly, the dishes may not be cleaned correctly and there may be a decrease in spray pressure. The motor and water seals must be replaced if it has stopped working.