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What Is A Marine Radio?

A marine VHF (Very large Frequency) radio is a must for security on the current boats and vessels. These marine radios help ships to communicate and keep peoples secure all across the oceans. In certain areas, you can also use your VHF radio for a phone by connecting into the local phone lines.

In simple terms, a marine radio is a top tech walkie-talkie that works up to 104 stations. Many VHF radios or VHF & AIS use simplex transmission, meaning that communication can only occur in one direction at a time. 

Marine Radio

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There are mobile versions of the VHF radio accessible and comes in very helpful for those on emergency or kayak lifeboats. The adjusted units tend to appear more like CB radios in the majority with more buttons and features to choose from.

The Coast Guard monitors stations, such as channels 16 and 70, 24 hours per day so that you can be sure that you can get help. Surely one of your travelers may also start having health problems because you are thousands of miles away from any land resource.

Many things happen in front of you while on the water, so being ready with your marine radio can relieve the stress of being helpless.

Some VHF radios also have a "USA style" where stations look together with letters (12A, 6A) which aren't recorded by the FCC or Coast Guard. These stations are preferred to be employed by local sections for land-mobile communication. Help and support are available for new marine radio users and should be utilized.